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Celebrating Scholars

The Inclusive Education program is supported by a scholarship scheme called Celebrating Scholars.
The Celebrating Scholars is a Talent-Based Scholarship. The purpose of the Scholarship is to encourage students to pursue and excel in areas they are inherently good at.
This is open to all students enrolled in class XII irrespective of streams of study.

  1. Scholarships:
    On the basis of a student psychometric assessment, scholarships will be awarded to students who want to pursue higher education in the following non-STEM fields of study:
  2. Selection Process:
    The selection process for getting a scholarship is divided into two stages.
    • Stage I

    • The students will attend a Profile Assessment held at their school.
      This assessment generates a Student Profile Report, highlighting the areas of strength, based on the individual student’s inborn Abilities & Interests.

    • Stage II

    • Based on their profile and interest, the students will be asked to appear for a personal interview with the Jury.
      Based on the profile report and the interview, the Jury will decide on individual scholarships

    All students of class XII can appear for the Profile Assessment,
    irrespective of their future career plans (including those interested in STEM studies).

    The students benefit by getting a scientifically measured Profile Report showing
    the true picture of their inherent capabilities and interests.

  3. Eligibility:
    All Indian Student studying in class XII.
  4. Examination:
    The Student Profile Assessment will be done through a Psychometric Test, comprising of three sections: Aptitude Profile, Personality Profile and Interest Profile.

    Students DONOT have to prepare for these assessments,
    every option is a right option and there are no wrong answers.
    Students need to select an option which they feel best describes them.

  5. Participation Fee:
    No fees will be charged to the school or the student

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