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Teacher's Training Workshop

All the key players in educational systems encourage children to prepare for a fixed set of traditional careers and jobs irrespective of their aptitude. The current pace of change has brought several new careers opportunities. Not only the landscape of education and careers are changing fast, so is also the concept of a dignified and reputable occupation.

Relevance of students will depend on how well their teachers dedicate their efforts in grooming them around their aptitude. The workshop will help teachers appreciate the changing world of careers and orient them to the process of aptitude based counselling and mentoring. The main purpose of the workshop is to make Indian Educational System to champion Excellence and make learning more learners’ centric and relevant to future challenges.


To orient the participating teaching staff
on the Excellence Attitude
Student mentoring techniques,
importance of Non STEM education
Teachers role in shaping
the future of students
Focus on
multi-disciplinary learning
How to spot and
groom leadership skills


A two day workshop for teachers striving to excel and improve the learning experiences for their students, by making education more relevant
to the student’s aptitude andmentoring them and their parents toward a futuristic vision of education and careers.

The teachers will be selected through nomination process for schools registered with IEF. The guides at the workshop will be the eminent
educationalists and industry experts committed to the reform of Indian educational system

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Upcoming Workshop Recent Workshop
Moradabad, U.P. Mangalore, Karnataka Hojai, Assam
October 2015 October 2015 12-13 Sep 2015
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This workshop has been designed to orient teachers with the Inclusive Education Process. The workshop will be interactive and
use extensively experiential learning using simulation, role-plays and small group work.

Day 1

Introduction to Excellence Championand Students Grooming Process

Session 1 Excellence Attitude, facets of it and leadership
Session 2 Inclusive Education Program, Importance of STEM and Non STEM Educational systems, Multi-disciplinary learning
Session 3 Teachers role in the journey of a Student
Session 4 Aptitude based Grooming Process (Counselling and mentorship)

Day 2

Potentials Careers and Education in the Non STEM Areas

Expert Session Vision of Future Education and Careers
Expert Session Humanities- social studies, languages
Expert Session Commerce, Economics and Management
Expert Session Arts and Performing Arts
Expert Session Media and Communications Studies


Dr. Gautam Raj Jain

Dr Jain possesses over 30 years of professional experiences in top academic institutions in India and international consulting. Some of the important Institutions where he worked are Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore (Founding Director), MICA, Academy of Human Resource Development, SP Jain Institute of Management, Goa Institute of Management, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) & IIM, Ahmedabad.

He has offered over 2700 person days of consulting in international implementing over 50 international projects for organisations like UN, ILO, EU, PwC, Asian development Bank, African Development Bank, the World Bank across India, Cambodia, Benin, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Palestine, Austria, UK, USA, and Nigeria

He has published several Books and research articles in reputed journals and Book. His consulting and research interests are in areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, organisation design and leadership.

Arti Ahluwalia

14 years of experience in setting up L&D departments, managing training teams, developing and facilitating learning initiatives ranging from the corporate to the academic segment. Over the last decade, Arti has also worked on “Cybernetic Theory of Learning” - a learning design mechanism to ensure increasingly sustainable results that are both people and process oriented.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The day two of the program has expert sessions to share information on the options and opportunities in the Non STEM space.
Would love your involvement in shaping this journey ,
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Improving overall Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER)
across the following Non-STEM field of studies