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Guiding 6000+ Students
with an aim to achieve 100% Career Awareness Rate


Orientation to the
Inclusive Education Program
Career Excellence Center
& its Benefits to the Schools
Schools and their pivotal role
in the Program

Event Proceedings

CEC-RoundTable began with the inauguration of Career Excellence Centre (CEC) by Justice MSA Siddiqui
in the presence of over 40 principals and teachers, media and press personnel.
The RoundTable was supported by partners - MayFair College, Element94 , Showhow2, VIDT & Sakaar Communications

Justice MSA Siddiqui
Former Chairman, National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions

Justice Siddiqui in his inaugural speech laid down the importance of setting up Career Excellence Centres to fulfill the dreams of Indian youth

Dr. ShabistanGaffar
Chairperson, All India Confederation for Women’s Empowerment Through Education

Dr. Shabistan Gaffar, elaborated how Schools and education institutions will stand advantageous over others by gaining from access to digital Career Exploration library, Psychometric Assessment & Reports, Career Guidance Seminars for parents, teachers and students, Awareness about Vocational Skills, Scholarships etc.

Scholarship Pledge by Rashid Foundation
Dr. Gaffar (AIWCETE), Justice Siddiqui, Mr. M.A. Mansoor (Rashid Foundation) and Mr. Manab Misra (IEF)

Mr. Mansoorfrom Rashid Foundation Trust extended Scholarship Support of INR 10 Lacs for Students towards Celebrating Scholars Program through Justice Siddiqui to Mr Manab Misra, Secretary IEF

Dr. Amir Ullah Khan
Academic Council, Institutional Excellence Forum Policy Advisor & Consultant to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

During orientation of Inclusive Education Program, Dr. Amir Ullah Khan briefed about the Institutional Excellence Forum and their work towards making India a “Preferred Destination” for Higher Education by developing Excellence Attitude and Making India a better informed career hub.

Mr. S.P, Verma
Program Advisor, Career Counseling –Institutional Excellence Forum Master Trainer and Former Principal with Kendriya Vidyala Sangathan for 12 years

Mr. S.P. Verma, while speaking on Schools and their pivotal role in Inclusive Education Program, stressed on urgent need for contemporary training of faculty and role of teachers and principals with respect to Gen Next Children. He also highlighted importance of Psychometric Assessments and Career counselling for students to enable them to pursue their dreams.

Dr. Chuttan Khan
CEC Convener, Moradabad
Principal of Mayfair College

Dr. Chuttan Khan, highlighted the dream to see that the nation has better informed career hub. Principals and teachers, attending the event welcomed the opportunity to learn new dimensions in the art of Career counseling and expressed their eagerness to join hands to build a nation on skills and abilities of their students in view of their dreams.


Dr. C. Khan
CEC Convener, Moradabad &
Principal of Mayfair College, Moradabad

With a Doctorate from. Aligarh Muslim University, Dr. Khan went onto become Principal at various colleges in India & held senior academic positions at University in Ethiopia. Over the 2 decades of Academic life, he was instrumental in opening 6 degree colleges & is deeply involved in promoting Minority Women’s Empowerment

Dr.Amir Ullah Khan
Academic Council, IEF

Amir Ullah Khan is a development economist with a special interest in Education, Agriculture, Health and financial inclusion. For the last two years he directed the strategy, management and policy division at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in India.

Dr.Shabistan Gaffar
President, AICWETE

Former Chairperson of Girls Education, National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions, Govt of India, Dr. Gaffar is the Managing Director at Indian Institute of Women’s Studies. She has received the “Sir Syed Excellence Award for Female Education” for her outstanding contribution in the field of minority women’s empowerment from Aligarh University.

Mr. S.P. Verma
Program Advisor, IEF

A seasoned Academic, Mr. Vermahas been a part of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan for over two decades, of which 12 years as a Principal. He has been honoured with awards such as “Avantika National Humanity Award 2003”, “KVS Incentive Award 2005”, etc.

Organised In Association with

All India Confederation for Women's Empowerment Through Education

A Non‐profit Confederation of NGOs dedicated to the Empowerment of Women
and other marginalised sections through Education, Economic & Social up-liftment & Skill Development Training Programmes.

Program In Media

Doordarshan-Urdu covers IEF's CEC-RoundTable Initiative @ Moradabad, U.P.

National TV Channel Doordarshan-Urdu features IEF's CEC-RoundTable Initiative in its Current Affairs and Special Reports program "SARGARMIYAN"
CEC-RoundTable began with the inauguration of Career Excellence Centre (CEC) by Justice MSA Siddiqui in the presence of over 40 principals and teachers, media and press personnel.

Press Release

Guest Book

Our salvation lies in acquiring strong knowledge economies powered by information technology, innovation and education. I am sure that this Centre of Excellence will fulfill our dreams
Justice M.S.A. Siddiqui

Education builds the Nation. I wish this institution be a part of building the country
By Dr.Shabistan Gaffar | Chairperson, AIWCETE

The program will help the students in selection of courses of their choice & interests
Rafiuddin | Principal, Falah-e-DarainInter College

Congrats for the initiation -India’s first CEC… A nicely organisedprogramme…
S.P. Verma | Advisor, Career Program -IEF

Very good approach. I will provide my full support to IEF.
Dr. FardeenAhmed | Founder, Sham Inter College


Making India a better-informed Career Hub