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Making India a better-informed Career Hub


Why Inclusive Education Program ?

current scenario

2 Crore+ Students of Class XII, pass out every year in India

(Based on 2013-14 Indian Educational Boards records.)

The pass-out number increases significantly if we include the large no. of school dropouts after class VIII & X
Career Decisions are significantly influenced by
Parents, Guardians and Family members

(Working Paper Series Number 12-03, The skills they want: Aspirations of Students in Emerging India -Center for The Advanced Study Of India, University of Pennsylvania)

Resulting in

Disparity between STEM and non-STEM courses
Significant enrolments in STEM fields, leading to negligence of non-STEM education
Skewed view of “formal education”
Enforced perception that formal education means ‘Graduation after Class XII’
thus making vocational studies non-aspirational
Unemployable Workforce
Increased workforce entrants ‘By Chance, than By Choice’ leading to
occupational mismatch & career dissatisfaction
High rate of school dropouts by students

Our Solution

  • Setting up of Career Counseling Centers
  • Awarding Scholarships to promote adoption of non-STEM fields of study
  • Felicitating Role models from Vocational fields to build awareness about Vocation education

Inclusive Education Program
An initiative for Making India a better-informed career hub
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The Perceptions on Vocational Skill Education..

Improving overall Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER)
across the following Non-STEM field of studies