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Making India a better-informed Career Hub


How you can support?

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Awareness Program for  School Principals

Contribute to Aware Principals from schools to play a pivotal role in guiding students to their rightful careers by mapping their Inherent Abilities and Interests. Thus eliminating the enrolment disparity between STEM vs non-STEM fields of study.

Schools have already integrated Arts, Crafts, Sports, Computers and Environment Studies into their Academic Calendar. Its time to address the need for Making India a better-informed Career Hub

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Capacity Building of School Teachers

Contribute towards the Capacity building of School Teachers by making them Certified Career Counselors. This will enable committed teachers in their quest for excellence in Career Counseling by exposing them to the rich and diverse opportunities in this field.

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Upgrading Infrastructure at Schools

Contribute towards equipping a classroom as a Career Excellence Centre (approx. 500 sq.ft.). CEC enable the reach of Career Counseling to the heartland of the country.Contribute towards Physical Fabrication of counseling areas & installation of state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities, TV, Computer with Internet connection, Display Units, etc.

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Building Career Library

Contribute towards a Knowledge Repository on Career related content for effective career guidance at every school. The Career Library will host up to date information about wide range of opportunities available for individual career choices, ensuring informed decision making by the students

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Assessment & Profiling of  Students

Contribute towards empowering the Students with an Aptitude, Personality & InterestsProfiles through Psychometric Assessment, helping them to make well informed career decisions.

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Corpus for Scholarships

Contribute towards a corpus fund for Celebrating Scholars –a scholarship scheme aimed at driving adoption of non-STEM higher education.

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Awareness Program for  Parents

Contribute towards bringing awareness amongst Parents through Career Guidance Seminars

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More ways to contribute

Adopt a Scholar
Enables corporate and institutional donors to earmark donations for scholarships to specific state, course of study, gender, educational institution or other preferences
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Named Scholarships
Donors can have scholarships named after a family member, loved one, Company Founder, Promoter, etc.
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For Employee Wards
Corporates and institutions can extend the program to the wards of their Employees under their Employee Welfare activities
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